Vested Interests?

The newly established site <> has overwhelmed me with its attention. It is like a visual illusion that, in each of its parts, is sensible and believable, but which creates an impossible whole, a distortion of reality in the name of perception. BVBTE is aimed at undermining every statement made in this blog, and has even gone so far as to incite hackers to lame the hosting server with DOS (Denial Of Service) attacks. There has been some indication that the script kiddies have heeded the call, although the sporadic attacks may also be BVBTE commandos trying to raise their own profile.

“No evidence!” they write. “Where’s your evidence, chronicler?”

Of course, I cannot provide direct evidence — where the provision of evidence is coincident with the destruction of that evidence. They attribute my sources to a handful of random citizens they have drudged up, who dutifully deny everything I’ve written. Pure fictionalization.

“No one has ever reported –” you mean that no report has survived.

“Delusional dreams of a feverish mind,” they write. “No science,” they conclude. “Religious zealotry.” “Bandit of common sense.” “Floopy sense of reality.” “Dumb-and-dumber theology.” “Boring story, an insomniac’s dream narrative.”

Their particular specialty seems to be parody, with their own demented retellings of this story. I’ve recognized a half dozen writing styles among their contributions, although some of the material comes directly from the previously named newsgroup. Perhaps we’ll find time to dissect a sample.

Why the interest? Logically, in the absence of evidence on my part, their best course of action would be to ignore me. But that is logic on a short leash. Sometimes the mere suggestion of a new way to approach a problem is already the new solution itself. If I were to explain with any detail the backdoor to the most common encryption schemes, then in practice I would already have broken the back of the encryption mafia and exposed a major international conspiracy. I’m not in a position to do more than hint at such a thing, but if someone were to provide more robust hints then the whole fa?e of privacy would break apart. Similarly, a crack in the “we are alone” dogma is what our BVBTE friends fear and what they are reacting against.

Some readers have written to me personally and through public fora that they think it absurd that anyone would have a vested interest in preventing the word from getting out about alien contact: there is SETI; there was Carl Sagan and Voyager, for goodness sake. Of course, there are characters such as Himmler, Milosevich and the Interahamwe, whose bloodlust is only partly understandable by consuming their propaganda. They leave us with the inescapable conclusion that the cruelest suppression can always find its motivation.

Now let us approach this question through a very steady pair of hands and a carefully tuned pair of eyes, manipulating an object’s avatar in an imaginary three-dimensional space, a one-time dream from someone’s mind that now flew bullet-like through the atmosphere.