The Narrator

The outlines of the action are set, and it is probably time to reflect a bit more on my place in it. Notwithstanding the speculation of some individuals with too much time and not enough neural activity — especially in the amusing “alt.crackpot.thisblueball” newsgroup and a corresponding Yahoo group that were both recently pointed out to me by — I am not Gary, nor am I Alice, nor a precocious Andrew. Of course, Gary isn’t Gary, and Alice isn’t Alice. No one whom you meet here is quite who or what I paint him or her to be. I’m sure you understand the need for discretion. It’s not so much to hide from my pursuers, who will regardless recognize the outlines of this story, inasmuch as they were themselves involved in it. Rather, it’s necessary to fictionalize the story a bit to keep the prying lay public from exercising their lack of discretion.

Not that I lack mortal concern for the actors whom I bring under the scrutiny of those who would end this story at any cost. These innocents are protected by one tenuous but salient fact: if they are killed, this speculative non-fiction becomes eyewitness-news factual. While my anonymous death could still prevent this story from becoming real for you all, their deaths would be documented in a way that would statistically and logically dissipate all traces of the cloud of random occurrence upon which my opponents rely so firmly. My antagonists understand this — and they will probably know by now that my acquaintances are unaware of my whereabouts, do not approve of my actions and want nothing more than to be free of this legacy. So let us let them be.

Newsboi seems to have no fear in trying to communicate with me openly through various public forums. If you have an unconquerable need to communicate with me — if you cannot be dissuaded by the dangers outlined here — you may contact me as follows. Every few days, when I can be contacted, I will post on this website a PGP public key that you may use to encrypt a message to me. Post your encrypted message without any other identifying information in either news.test or alt.rec.aliens; don’t post it in any other news group, especially alt.crackpot.thisblueball. Include your own PGP public key of at least 1024 bits in PGP-encrypted message. (Assume that this is not perfect protection, so be discrete about your personal details.) I highly recommend that you send this message through an anonymizer or from a temporary third location, for your own safety, but your life is ultimately your own. My response will appear in the same newsgroup, if it is directed to you the individual, or in this blog, should I choose to respond to all. Be patient; I will delay any response in order to avoid inadvertent patterns that might otherwise emerge from my behavior.

I do expect that the majority of the messages I will receive will be from plants and pursuers of various stripes. I admit that I’m looking forward to the excitement — no doubt a fatal flaw, but without excitement your nerves can dull. For you the pursuer, let me just point out that I am already prepared to deal with your posting specific variants on servers across the country in order to cause me to reveal my location. I am prepared for a scripted message intended to trigger a connection directly from my computer to your server. I also fully expect that you will do your best to enrage me, in the hopes that anger will make me slip up, expose something about my location or myself to you. Please consider these and the other obvious options already eliminated and move on to something more creative, something more bold.