The Conspiracy Engine

Now this story has some potential. Not only have we introduced the main action of this story, but I find myself out on a limb. Why? you ask. It’s not the government’s counter-terrorism Net squads who managed to take our main server off line for two days. And it’s not the FBI agents harassing the hacker community across the country, in a barely covert attempt to stir up enough fish to see which one sparkles. (One hint, all you Hoovers out there — I’m not a phreakin’ hacker.) It’s not even the constant barrage of “yo’ mama…” insults that has me on edge. No, this is much bigger.

I received word from someone who claims to have contact. Now, I’ve been receiving these things from just about the beginning: me-too’s, crazies, agents, nay-sayers, ironists, just about every type of extrovert on the planet. Their artifice has never been in doubt. But this time was different, not only in tone but also in detail. Not simply a repetition of what I’ve reported or what someone’s idea of what a Hollywood or Craven or Waters encounter might look like, it is a detailed and richly felt account of first contact and the search for a method of communication. Someone who had access to a prior account could, of course, use it to deceive me. I have to conclude that such a deception would not be the product of the same groups that have expended so much random energy to flush me out of my hole, because why would they flail around so when they had the perfect hook for capturing my attention? Of course, one can easily argue that such flailing-about is exactly the strategy that someone holding an ace, someone very careful and methodical, would use to put me off guard.

Reminds me of a website that I ran across a few years ago: The Conspiracy Engine. Put up by a perspicacious individual by the covert name of Mr. Lenlinarx, it documents four levels and interactions of conspiracy, whose outlines he once summarized in the graph below:

 Level            Example —————————————————–  Action           Two parties in conflict 
Covert Action While third parties remain neutral,
they supply arms and intelligence
to one or the other side Disinformation Both sides spread stories about
the actions of the other, while
denying their own covert actions Grand Conspiracy Superficially disinterested third
parties await their payout:
weakened parties of the conflict;
compromised third parties; profits;
opportunity to play white knight… It’s a bit too schematic, but the engine itself had a useful little algorithm that makes it possible to conceptualize the twists and turns of subterranean motives and actions more clearly. Through some machinations of my own, I managed to come up with the Engine. Here is its analysis of my situation: You have identified two conflictual parties: Cover-up and Me. The group most closely associated with Cover-up is the Government. Officially, the Government does not approve of the actions of Cover- up, but you suspect that the Government secretly supports Cover-up with resources, protection. Me is most closely associated with free spirits everywhere. Free spirits everywhere openly approve of Me, but have suspicions about Me’s motives and integrity. You asked the Conspiracy Engine: “Can this latest confession be true?” The Conspiracy Engine posed a number of questions to you about the circumstances. Your answers established the following: 1.Cover-up has an interest in this latest confession 2.Free spirits everywhere have an interest in this latest confession, too 3.Other groups could, most likely, not have engineered this latest confession 4.This latest confession could be: inauthentic; authentic but not genuine; authentic and genuine; authentic, genuine but compromised 5.Most likely, based upon the factors of the situation, this latest confession is genuine but compromised The Conspiracy Engine has this further general assertion about the conspiracy surrounding Cover-up and Me: consider the common interests of the Government and free spirits everywhere. It may be that Me’s conflict with Cover-up is just a waystation along the way to the ultimate conflict and possible reconciliation of these other groups. Me should not rely on free spirits everywhere too strongly.