Gary had occasion to think the same: nothing new; but there was something wrong with the way things were, for sure. He had a general sense of unease — not that he was tuned into the drama unfolding along an axis some twenty miles away, but he could not completely control the fissure in his mind brought on by the burned monitor and then by the name Reggie Valerio. He decided to backtrack and look at the website that Bluthe had sent him, in the hopes of finding some ammunition for increasing Alice’s own sense of unease. Maybe he could get it to simmer and boil over into a distrust of Reggie. He planted himself with a beer in front of the screen and unzipped the site. He started at index.htm and double clicked. The page opened up — and Gary fell in.

It was a number of hours later, after considerable back and forth within the site and across conspiracy theory sites and alien encounter sites and even a trip to the local library — after learning that it did not completely eschew the alien- conspiracy literature that he needed — that he emerged with a sense of mission and urgency. It wasn’t until the very end of his reading — and rereading Bluthe’s email — that he realized the extent to which anxiety had taken hold of him. Even if he did not believe every detail, like Bluthe’s quiet assassin squads, he was convinced that something was happening, something that had a strongly chilling dimension. It wasn’t War of the Worlds — it was E.T. meets the Matrix.

The FAQ page of the website for the Society for this Blue Ball in a Big Black Void was up on his monitor, scrolled to question number 4, which we give in entirety below:

Q: How has contact been most prevalently made?

A: Documented contacts go back throughout the ages. A voice in a burning bush? Joan of Arc’s vision? Is there any more likely explanation — other than the simple human drive to invent that we know so well — than a contact from outside our world? Indeed, it’s possible to infer contacts from many origin myths and religious stories. They do not necessarily mean contact — they could be exactly what our modernist sensibility believes them to be: inventions of our subconscious minds. But they could also have a grain of truth involving one of the forms of contact that we now know to be undeniably true.

The alien contacts originate somewhere across time and space. The physics is not well understood — our best reference for understanding the nature of it is a bit of good-natured physicist humor, a short and cavalier article that is now exceedingly difficult to find (see the summary in FAQ #7) — but we believe that contact is made through a concerted and highly energetic communication effort via quantum mechanics. There must be an exceedingly large amount of energy on the other end creating this channel. We believe that it must in fact be so energetic that there is no reason to assume that the jump does not occur in both widely spread time and space reference fields. In other words, the communicators on the other side could be living at any possible moment in the universe’s lifespan, in any place.

There is clearly a sufficiently great gulf in our scientific and technological knowledge that the why and wherefore of the nature of the channel itself is unknown to us. Suffice it to say that they are able to spray messages of various types across this immeasurable gulf and also take back signals to their side. We know that this is true for two reasons: first, the randomness of an initial contact changes fundamentally once an effort is made on our side to interact with the signal; and second, once contact is regularized the communicators make clear that they rely upon the signal of willingness from our side for their interactions. In other words, they take back from us from the beginning of contact.

Contact is initiated by the transmission of a signal to a random location on our planet. We believe the choice of location and time to be “random” in the sense that they are not laying down grids and searching systematically. At the same time, despite a small sample pool, we have reason to believe that they select for location with some care. It may be that they are trying to lay down a grid and the happenstance of their technology makes this effort indiscernible. But more likely they have pre-selected areas and then allow for a certain randomness of contact within these areas. It is unknown whether this pre-selection prefers urban or rural locations; we have indications of contact from both, although our documented contacts have all been urban. The main pre-selection criterion is the local human population density; they seem to aim for high-density locations, even if within a larger relatively unpopulated space. It may be that they prefer an isolated town to an urban area for reasons that will become apparent.

It is idle speculation to assert that they have probably pre-selected our time as well for increased activity. This theory assumes that we are especially valuable conversants because we are sufficiently advanced not to be utterly deferential to a disembodied presence but not yet advanced enough to interfere with their efforts in any systematic way. They clearly prefer individual contact to official contact through government bodies, and our lack of understanding makes it easy to do this. But this whole line of thinking makes several assumptions that the communicators, in their absolute reticence about their motivations and situations, have never substantiated or qualified.

Contact usually proceeds as follows. The recipient of a contact effort becomes aware of an eerie projection. Apparently because of the difficulty of the connection, the message is invariably crude. This crudeness also allows the recipient, if he or she so chooses, to ignore the communication as an odd but natural phenomenon and move on. For a small number, however, this communication is soon recognized as an object that admits of no simple — and ultimately no terrestrial — explanation.

The message being communicated varies considerably. This little fact has been a major stumbling block in understanding and interpreting these communicative events. Only recently has the theory been put forth (see FAQ #5) that we are dealing with a single set of alien presences, but that we are experiencing an educational system on the remote end that assigns to neophytes the reinvention of the communication process. We detail this progression in FAQ #6, but suffice it to say that in every documented contact the process starts over from almost zero.

The initial communication is usually little more than an invitation to improve the signal. This seems both necessary technically in order to have improved communication and also an important threshold for the continuation of the contact. The image presented is a variation on an antenna — there are several designs in our records, none is technically difficult or sophisticated or very precise. Apparently, there is little necessary beyond what our group calls an anchor — a target, if you will, for their energy beam to aim at. Initial signals tend to move randomly but center upon electromagnetic devices such as televisions or loud speakers. The theory is that these serve as attractors, while the antennae might be called nodes.

Once the antenna is constructed and placed somewhere near the initial signal — usually within 96 hours if you want to successfully capture the signal for further communication — you will see a transformation, and the beginning of a mutual learning process that is absolutely extraordinary…