Killing Time

Gary sat in front of Scotty, watching a television program projected wanly through Scotty’s apparatus. Occasionally a question would appear about this or that phrase or about the telegraphed murderer or whatever else. Gary felt guilty for having been absent for two days and not responding to Scotty’s instant messages or calls. Scotty was reticent, but it was only a matter of time, Gary knew, until the questions began.

It began with: Did you get a new job?

“No, no job. I did get a nice dinner.”

Pleasant conversation?

“No, I would say that it was more like torture.”

That is a strong phrase.

“The fellow was not very pleasant.”

What jobs did he offer to you?

“He wasn’t in a position to offer jobs, but he was recruiting for the government.”

The government? Why is the government interested in you?

“They aren’t, really. He was just killing time with me, frankly.”

That is another strong phrase.

“No, you’re over-interpreting. People kill time — all the time. It’s just a phrase for burning time before something happens.”

And you, Gary? Are you killing time?

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