A small number of years ago, a hacker, Phissure, came across what he thought was undeniable evidence of the existence of aliens -- extraterrestrial intelligence. In an effort to publicize this discovery, Phissure established a website and founded a society with some dozen of his closest associates, a group which he officially dubbed The Society for this Blue Ball in a Big Black Void.

Within six months of its publication, a series of mind-boggling coincidences removed every society member from the surface of this blue ball. The website disappeared shortly after the untimely death of Craig Phissure, may he rest in peace.

Now Gary Corinth is about to uncover the secrets of this obscure group.... at his peril...

Latest installment

The Fifth Young Man

The fifth young man introduced by the good reverend was a young man of athletic build and with the movements and easy confidence of someone used to catching admiring looks. He had a head full of dreadlocks, with a Bob Marley look of danger, attraction and passion. This was someone you felt you ought to […]

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